What is the national currency in Morocco?

The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) and is only available in Morocco.
There are exchange offices in airports, at every bank, in many large hotels and in the medina. ATMs are available at every bank. Daily rate on the Internet, on the scoreboards of the banks. Roughly converted 1, – € = 10, – MAD

Which documents are needed for the Morocco trip?

For German citizens, a passport that is valid for at least 6 months is sufficient. For a stay of up to 90 days in Morocco, a visa is not required. Tourists should, laugh Moroccan law, always carry your passport with you. You should have a copy of your documents for the trip, which you then carry from the original.

Are vaccinations recommended for Morocco?

Morocco is free of tropical diseases. There are no special vaccination regulations.

Topic insurance

We recommend from Sahara-And-Me:
Please complete your trip with a travel health insurance.

Which language skills do I need?

In Morocco 90% of the population is spoken. There are also some Berber languages. The best is the Tamazight, which is the least spread in the Middle Atlas. French can be understood throughout the country. English is becoming increasingly important in the educated youth. For tours with Sahara-And-Me you have no language problems.

When is the best time to go to Morocco?

It shows a transition from the Mediterranean northwest to the subtropical climate in southern Morocco. The High and Middle Atlas has resulted in its own climate chamber, forming a climatic barrier. The Atlas in Marrakech is a contemporary climate. A light breeze blows from the Atlantic Ocean throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from around 12 ° C in January to 29 ° C in July and August. However, one can anticipate the midsummer that the thermometer on some days up to 36 ° C increases. On the Atlantic coast there is a pleasant wind with temperatures in the winter months of about 14 ° C and in summer around 28 ° C

What option is there, if I find onely flyght to Agadir or Casablanca?

No problem. We will arrange your round trip individually for you, so that you can start and edit the tour from any airport in Morocco. Talk to us, we will find a tailor-made solution for you.